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A proven, structured programme tailored to you and your goals. You'll work with a coach to ensure each session counts. You'll have access to unlimited classes. Your performance is monitored.


Fit8 Life

The award winning approach is directed by our physiotherapist and supported by our sports injury and rehabilitation practitioners; ensuring the protection, maintenance and restoration of our members physical health and functionality.

Our dedicated team will provide diagnosis, manual therapy, progressive rehabilitation and prescriptive exercise treating clients suffering, recovering from or living with sports injury, back and neck pain, pre and post-op conditions, degenerative and neurological conditions.

Our approach is proactive rather than reactive

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INITI8 - £175 monthly
1 session per week
ACTIV8 - £299 monthly
Unlimited sessions
ACCELER8 - £499 monthly
Unlimited private sessions

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this is why we do what we do

    • fit8 is one of the three main reasons why I live in Wimbledon Village. It is the most enjoyable & kind gym I have ever belonged to, as well as being focused, demanding and challenging.
    • Peter
    • I joined Fit8 at Warren House in January this year. The coaches are enthusiastic and highly qualified. No two work outs are the same. Different phases of training have increased my strength and fitness levels and have enabled me to reduce my golf handicap by five shots to 11.
    • Natasha
    • After joining fit8 a year ago, my fitness and attitude towards sport, has changed considerably. I joined the gym with exercise-induced asthma and over the year this has improved dramatically. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. The coaches are kind, understanding and professional. The workouts are always challenging and varied & the coaches are happy to adapt the sessions to help me achieve my goals.
    • Charchie
    • Having had a serious neck problem for most of 2013 I was faced with a long, challenging and uncertain path back to good health. Kieron has been the perfect guide on this journey – his experience is invaluable, his attention to detail impressive and his confidence is priceless.
    • Adan
    • The coaches & physios are knowledgeable, concerned about my overall well being and specifically on my physical problems and pain – I feel so well looked after and my sessions are a joy to attend.
    • Jim
    • I joined fit8 4 months ago having done very little exercise since being diagnosed with ME over 20 years ago. Not only did I struggle with constant low energy levels but neck/shoulder pain from a childhood accident and severe weekly migraine attacks. Since joining, my energy levels have increased dramatically, my neck/shoulder pain has decreased, I am stronger and I haven’t had a migraine for over 8 weeks now! The fit8 team, especially Sam, Hannah and Kieron have been so encouraging and enthusiastic in helping me overcome my physical difficulties I now have a spring in my step and look forward to my next session! Thank you guys, my only regret is not discovering you earlier!
    • Melissa
    • Fit8 means I ACTUALLY go to the gym.
    • Debbie