Our Approach


You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Body Mechanics

We take a proactive approach to our member’s health and fitness goals.

Personal Progression

To be fit for purpose we need to be fit to function & our progressive phases ensure that exercise is effective.

fitclub Training Phases

A periodised training plan is the most effective approach in improving general health and fitness.

Metabolic Profiling

You have heard of working smarter – at fit8 we believe it is a principle that applies equally well to exercise.

Weight Loss And Nutrition

As a population we are constantly bombarded with news about the latest LOW FAT, LOW CARB, LOW SUGAR DIETS.

Human Performance

We have a real passion for sports and know what it takes to help you achieve your potential.


As motivation is one of the main reasons why people fail to maintain fitness drives, we’ve addressed this head-on; whenever you train at fit8 it will always be with a fit8 functional coach.

What Our Members Are Saying