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terms and conditions

Fit8 Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Members agree to pay their monthly subscription in advance by Direct Debit on the 25th day each month.
  • If in the event of membership fees being unpaid, your account will automatically be frozen until all unpaid fees are collected, fit8 can decide to place your account with a third party to collect any outstanding amount. fit8 reserves the right to pass on all cost associated with the collections of the amount onto you.
  • Fit8 Life Memberships, Adhoc Bundles and Therapy Packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Membership Fees are subject to change reviewed annually. Members will be notified four weeks in advance in writing of any changes.
  • Members are allocated credits based on their membership package. The credits are valid for the period of the fit8 quarterly cycle. The fit8 quarterly cycle follows the normal quarters of the calendar year. Any unused credits during one cycle will be valid for use for the first month of your new fit8 quarterly cycle after which time they will expire.
  • Missed/expired credits are non-refundable and or non-transferable and cannot be stored or saved.
  • Members wishing to upgrade their membership can do so at any time subject to availability.
  • All membership packages are for a minimum term of 3 months; thereafter you can give one month’s notice in writing to fit8 to terminate your membership.
  • Members wishing to downgrade can do so after the initial 3-month period in writing to fit8 with one month’s advanced notice.
  • Membership cancellations for health reasons should be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate and are exempt from any notice period.
  • Memberships can be frozen for a maximum period of 2 months per calendar year. After which time the monthly membership payments will automatically resume unless otherwise agreed. Applications for freezing must be made at least one month in advance. Missed or outstanding sessions cannot be refunded or carried over once membership is resumed. If payments do not resume at the end of the freeze period, then the membership is automatically cancelled unless otherwise agreed by fit8.
  • Delimited and adhoc members who do not show up for booked sessions will lose the credit and be classified as a “No Show”.
  • Delimited and adhoc members who cancel sessions within 5 hours of the booked session time will lose the credit.
  • Unlimited members who do not show up for booked session will be classified as a “No Show”.
  • Unlimited members who cancel sessions within 5 hours of the booked session time will be classified as a “No Show.
  • Three “No Shows” within a 90-day period will automatically lock your account for a 7 day period and all bookings within that 7 day period will be cancelled (credits will not be refunded to your account) You will still have access to the booking system to make bookings from day 8 onward .
  • Therapy Clients who do not show up or cancel within 24 hours of their booked session will not be refunded the credit.
  • The Management of fit8 reserves the right to close the facility without notice for as short a period of time as is necessary in the circumstances should maintenance and upkeep of the club be deemed necessary.
  • Should any member, in the reasonable opinion of a fit8 coach, cause any nuisance or annoyance to other fit8 members or staff or behave in a way deemed inappropriate to the wellbeing of fit8, then that member may be refused admission and/or have his or her membership suspended or terminated. The decision of the management of fit8 in this regard shall be considered as final.
  • Members join the fit8 and use its facilities at their own risk. Albeit that fit8 does not seek to limit its liability in respect of death or personal injury to members caused by the negligence of fit8 or its coaches it is nevertheless recommended that all members if they are in any doubt whatsoever should seek medical advice from their own doctor before embarking on any fitness programme recommended by fit8.
  • Fit8 waives all responsibility for any lost and or stolen items belonging to members that may occur within fit8 premises.
  • Fit8 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

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