it's now or never.

It’s time for a reset - with a 12, 8 or 4 week programme, giving you unlimited support to totally transform your body and set new habits for life.

Have you been to the gym or played a sport when you were younger, and now feel that your job and life commitments are holding you back from achieving your fitness goals?


Our Body Transform8 programme will help you train smart, burn fat, eat clean, sleep better and improve your lifestyle permanently. With the support and guidance of our nutritional and physical experts, it’s time to break out of old habits and transform your body and mind.

you can expect


Unlimited support, weekly consultations and a comprehensive prescriptive exercise plan. We take full responsibility for all aspects of your transformation.


The plan encompasses a DNA test, personal prescriptive exercise sessions, rehabilitation exercises, injury support, a dietary plan to support your specific goals, and face & body treatments to help you make positive changes that last.

our approach


Your unique personal programme is not copied from a book or a website.
You are the blank canvas, and we start
with a DNA test.

We’ve partnered with Pure Genetic Lifestyle (world leaders in genetic testing) to carry out the tests and we build your unique profile and plan based on the results. Our analysis tells us what you should and shouldn’t eat, the smartest way to train you and how you respond to different types of exercise, how you might be able to circumvent metabolic deficiencies, any pre disposed risk of injury, and recovery rates.

and the results?

  • Body fat reduction
  • Increased lean body mass
  • Identification of your true dry lean mass versus your lean body mass
  • Strengthen and tone
  • Build muscle mass
  • Improve lung function by increasing your VO2 Max
  • Identify water retention
  • Restore normative hydration levels
  • Increase your resting basal metabolic rate
  • Increase the efficiency of your caloric expenditure

It’s easy to make good choices about your health when you know how

fit8’s Body Transform8 Programme is based on advanced science, medical intervention, nutrition, balance and positive progress - it’s not complicated and extremely easy to follow - and we achieve a 100% success rate. Call us now for your free first consultation.

i'm ready

this is why we do what we do

    • The quality of the therapy made all the difference in my recovery and I feel fortunate to have found fit8 – its a great places with great people.
    • Daniel
    • They said as long as I follow the routines and exercises laid out for me I will be fixed in no time….they weren’t wrong! Because I have been fully supported and my sessions adapted I am well on the road to recovery!
    • Gregg
    • fit8 is one of the three main reasons why I live in Wimbledon Village. It is the most enjoyable & kind gym I have ever belonged to, as well as being focused, demanding and challenging.
    • Peter
    • I would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing fit8 is. I have seen countless physios and personal trainers over the years but none of them have come close to fixing my broken body! fit8 attention to detail has transformed me and I am so grateful for feeling pain free and getting into good shape.
    • Mike
    • joined fit8 midway through august of 2013. I was the heaviest I have ever been, had damaged ligaments in my left knee and was also in the worst physical shape of my adult life. Not a pleasant thing considering the fact that I have always been very active and into martial arts. I had foolishly signed up to do a “tough mudder” obstacle course at the start of October and it was coming down to the wire. From the beginning the coaches were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful as regards my own personal goals. The first few exercise sessions were tough enough to push my limits but not too tough so that I didn’t get hooked and wanted to give up. With only 6 weeks of fitness coaching and a focus on my damaged knee I was able to complete the 12mile run and 24 gruelling obstacles in a respectable time. An amazing result considering before I joined up I could run for less than 4 minutes at a time If you’re looking to get lasting results and need help with motivation then fit8 is the place is for you. I have even convinced my brother to sign up. My thanks go to all the coaches for allowing me to complain during every exercise and getting me back on track to physical fitness.
    • Graeme
    • After joining fit8 a year ago, my fitness and attitude towards sport, has changed considerably. I joined the gym with exercise-induced asthma and over the year this has improved dramatically. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. The coaches are kind, understanding and professional. The workouts are always challenging and varied & the coaches are happy to adapt the sessions to help me achieve my goals.
    • Charchie
    • The coaches & physios are knowledgeable, concerned about my overall well being and specifically on my physical problems and pain – I feel so well looked after and my sessions are a joy to attend.
    • Jim