What is the best sport to do in South West London today?

What is the best sport to do in South West London today?

Joining a gym and regularly working with a personal trainer is a great way to stay in shape and to stay in control of your fitness. However, it’s not the only route to take. A great way to keep fit is by joining up to some friendly sports clubs in your area. Plus, you benefit from the added bonus of socialising with like-minded people!

What sports clubs are near me?

For those of you looking for potential sports clubs to join in South West London, we’ve put together some suggestions for you to try. Some of them are more traditional and some are a little more unusual. Why not try your hand at all of them? Remember, going to one session doesn’t mean you have to keep going back if you find the activity isn’t right for you.

  • Football

Football is a great option for all levels of fitness. Because football clubs are so varied, and so widespread, with a little bit of research you’ll be sure to find something suitable for your requirements. Junior clubs are available on the common every weekend, and there are plenty 5-aside teams playing throughout the week.

  • Rugby

Rugby is another great option for all levels of athletic ability. Whilst you will probably find it easier to find men’s clubs, women’s rugby is still very widespread too – and, according to BBC2, the fastest growing sport in the UK! The Wimbledon rugby club has a great programme for all ages and abilities.

  • Tennis

Wimbledon and tennis go hand in hand. There are lots of local clubs available for anyone and everyone to sign up to.

  • Hockey

As well as offering many other sports, The Wimbledon club offers fantastic all-weather pitches and team sign-ups for hockey. Whilst there is a bit of a learning curve to get used to stick and ball control, hockey is a great sport that uses every muscle group in the body.

  • Running

Running is the ultimate social sport. No equipment required, no hassle, and (apart from maybe some quality running trainers) no money needs to be spent. There are tons of running clubs, charities, Strava meetups for you to get your jog on. There is also a park run on Wimbledon common at 9 am every Saturday.

  • Cycling

Cycling UK (https://www.cyclinguk.org/local-groups/south-west-london) is a great place to start to find local cycling clubs. It’s one of the fastest growing sports and a simple search will bring up tons of clubs. But really you shouldn’t need an excuse or club. Bikes are relatively cheap these days.

  • Cricket

The Wimbledon Club offers sessions for all ages and abilities. Being a summer sport, Cricket is always more popular in those months between April and August. The club has sign-ups throughout the year and is especially great at introducing kids to the sport.

  • Triathlon

For the ultimate workout that will certainly put you through your paces, the old run, cycle, swim will, done safely, will get you fit in no time. There are 3 main clubs in south London, The South London Harriers, who have been around for 15 years, The Windrush Triathlon club, that has a fast-growing membership, and the Greenwich Tritons. Membership prices are relatively inexpensive (£25 to £40), and with triathlons growing in popularity now is a great time to get involved.

  • Yoga

Whilst generally yoga classes will cost money to sign up to, by doing a bit of research you will be able to find community groups for yoga. Whilst linked to Pilates, they are not mutually exclusive. It’s not all awkward poses, humming or just for women. The muscle strength, breathing and mindfulness prepare you for the struggles of daily life.

  • Dance

From zumba and salsa, street dance to pole dance – the options for incorporating dance fitness into your life are endless! Most gyms in the south-west, will hold a class or two a week and usually be around the £10-15 mark per session. Dancing is a great cardio workout and will always be a fun way to keep fit.

  • Parkour

A bit more of an unusual one, parkour can be a great way to meet people and to seriously build on your strength and balance. There is a steep learning curve to become good at it, but to start with simple jumps, runs and moves are relatively straightforward. The best place to start is Parkour UK (http://parkour.uk/) to find your local community or group.

  • Community gardening

If you’re looking for something a little slower paced, gardening can be a brilliant way to keep fit. By joining up to a local group you will also be able to give a little something to your community at the same time.


If you have questions about joining up to sports clubs near you or would like advice on what would be suitable for you, drop in and speak to one of our expert team.

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