The fit8 experience: A Global body approach

The fit8 experience: A Global body approach

Find out how the global body approach can help you


When it comes to fitness in all its forms, whether it’s about getting in shape, recovering from injury or training for a specific event, it’s always about more than just one area of your body. At fit8 we believe in a Global Body Approach, seeing your body as one complete unit, rather than separate parts. This ideology can be hugely beneficial to optimising your fitness and wellbeing.

What is the global body approach?

With elements of physiotherapy, global body approach can be utilised in lots of different ways. For example, clients experiencing limited or badly functioning movement in one hip may not be causing noticeable pain in that area, however, it may result in your body having some asymmetry when you move.

This seemingly simple issue can lead to much bigger problems in areas that seem to be unrelated to the problematic hip, such as the spine or neck. Some clients book to see a physio for one specific area but may end up needing to work on some other area of the body.

Its all connected

The Global Body Approach is about understanding the way in which your body parts work together. Injury is often a symptom of an underlying problem. We work with our clients to uncover the root of this issue, whether its posture, habit-forming compensatory moves or merely motivation. Our coaches will cross-examine your movements, your physiology, where your pain manifests, then get to work. They will analyse the kinetic chain of how you move and provide a personalised plan. This will be suited to your physiology and specific root issue and will encourage course correction to not only fix, but also heal.

Our aim is to provide long-term solutions and positive habits so you can confidently walk, run, jog onto the playing field or court with improved efficiency.

With help from the fit8 team you can make the most out of the time you spend at the gym and ensure that your routine isn’t missing anything out. We’ve worked with a range of clients, all with very different health and fitness goals, who have found this approach to be very beneficial.

Take Michelle from Wimbledon who came into our studio with multiple issues with her back.

“Like everyone I am sure you deal with my job has me at my desk for long hours in the day. I work in the city and with commuting in fixed positions and sitting for long hours in fixed positions, my body adapted to this way of being. Then I decided to get into shape, and the mix of having long periods where my body did not move, then explosive exercise, was not a good mix.

My back was torn to shreds, where some days I could not move. Fitbit couldn’t save me now! So, I called Kieron and the team at fit8 and within half an hour they knew exactly what was wrong with me. That was 6 weeks ago and now Noelia, Kieron and the team have changed my world. They gave me the tools and exercises that I needed to break bad habits. They worked specifically on my back, but tied it all together with other aspects of my form, which was terrible, so whilst I could narrow down the problem I knew it was all connected. And actually, most of the problem was in my knees and my posture. Can’t thank fit8 enough.”

If you would like to try the fit8 experience for yourself then book in now for your free trial. Our team can go through how our global body approach can help you on your fitness journey.

Find out how the global body approach can help you





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