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Training philosophy

The aim throughout the program is to deliver sessions that will work clients for the majority of a session, within their capabilities and in a safe and considered way. Targeting an elevated heart rate, through a mix of High Intensity, resistance and cardio training.

Sessions can be varied with different focuses, keeping clients’ engaged and motivated, avoiding boredom.

With clients training 4-5 times a week, and encouraged to take part in circuit, spin or cardio club sessions to supplement their one2one sessions, there is more scope and flexibility to deliver varying intensities and aims within the one2one sessions. This can be dependent on how the clients feels, energy levels and what muscle groups have been trained previously.

Taking into account a client’s strength and fitness levels, as well as capabilities, will help to deliver a safe and effective session. Higher repetition ranges and lower resistances are used to increase heart rate, working to a high intensity. Supersets, ideally using opposing muscle groups are encouraged, to allow continued and prolonged activity without working to failure, high intensity intervals after resistance superset to further increase intensity of session.

What to expect

  • 8 weeks diet and nutrition plan, 3 meals per day, plus snacks.

    • 4 week cycles of diet plans
    • Pre/Post Workout meals
    • Carb Cycling plans
    • Flexibility within diet, tailored towards different lifestyles

  • Average of 4 personalised training sessions per week throughout the 8 weeks

  • Unlimited classes and other sessions
  • 2 consultations with our Nutritionist – Sarah Carolides
  • Weekly weigh-ins and stats tests
  • 7 day a week contact and support

£250 per Week



The fit8 Body transformation programme has quite literally been life-changing for me. It enabled me to loose weight twice as fast as I was on my own, even though I was at the gym 5 days a week before I started the programme.  The intense focus of the one to one sessions raised my fitness level to its highest for 10 years.  I feel strong, healthy, with increased energy and an overall sense of wellbeing that makes me resilient in the face of day to day challenges. The programme has re-educated me about what constitutes a healthy diet and exercise programme.

Total Weight loss – 5.9kg* over 12 weeks.
Fat Loss – 4.1kg*


I found the course fun, it went by in a flash, it was good to have the support from you, the other trainers and of course Sarah.  It was good to do it Feb/Mar when not too much else is going on, esp socially…I never did fall in love with the watt bike but appreciated its worth!  I thought the intensity was about right for me as it progressed over the weeks (despite broken wrist at the end).  I don’t think I needed any more contact/support, what I had was enough.

I found the advice re the balance of food in relation to exercise most beneficial – how to fuel up before and after a session – that was very interesting and useful.

Based on my weight in January, before the programme started, I was 65.5kg and today I am 58kg, and holding my own – just!  Overall I am delighted – and hope to drop 3kg more this summer!

Thanks for all your support, and good luck with the other candidates who have carried on for another 4 weeks..!

Total Weight Loss – 3kg* over 8 weeks
Fat Loss – 2.3kg*


I took part in the Body Transformation programme at fit8 Wimbledon between April and May, first the 8 week programme and then a 4 week extension. It worked very well – I could see a marked improvement in my strength and general fitness, and lost around 6 kilos, almost all fat. Also I felt much better generally – more energetic. The programme is well designed, and fit8 managed a good balance between providing clear guidance while still keeping it flexible enough to adjust to one’s life, and pushing me enough to get results – this is really a programme where one gets out what you put in.

Total Weight Loss – 6.2kg* over 12 weeks
Fat Loss – 4.1kg*

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.