How to overcome the mind game of fitness

How to overcome the mind game of fitness

When you’re thinking about how to stay healthy, one major factor to consider is how to maintain a healthy mindset. Keeping a positive relationship with exercise, food and wellbeing is key to setting yourself up for fitness success. Your mindset needn’t be too complicated or overly analytical as losing weight or leading an active lifestyle is founded on, two core principles: Eat less, move more. If you obsess or compartmentalise over one area, and don’t focus on you as a person, you find that each calorie counted, every weigh-in can have an adverse effect on reaching your goals. Remember Gandhi’s immortal words, “you must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Goal setting

Goal setting is great if you have something specific in mind. If you are already in sports, you want to beat your 10k time, you want to complete the marathon in under 4 hours, you want to be more flexible, goal setting might be the way to go for you. Goal setting is a good idea to ensure you’re on the right path with your fitness from the word go. If you’re training for something specific, make sure you’re setting appropriate milestones for yourself. Make sure goals are attainable and you commit to doing something every day to achieve them. Even if it is having a rest day. Also get the help you need to achieve your goals before you start.

If your goal is to take part in a long-distance run, or another specific event, then your training will need to reflect this. Get advice from the fit8 team before you start so you’re not going to go down the wrong path. If you are trying to achieve the impossible, our trainers will be able to set your goals to something more realistic that you’re happy with and give you the tools to get started.


The most successful people on the planet will seek help when needed but determine how they are going to be by following the ‘Be-Do-Have’ model.

Most of us when we set out in the big wide world, define our lives the other way around. We want to ‘have’ the things to make us ‘do’ what we want so we can ‘be’-come the best version of ourselves.

However what successful people do, who have a positive mindset will define who they are, be comfortable in their limitations but also break down any expectations. So, if you want to find out how someone can get up at 6 am for a run every morning without fail, ask them. 9 times out 10 they will say, “I set my alarm, I get up and run. Because I am a runner.” As opposed to someone who is not a runner, will think they need something external to motivate them. How you look at yourself and define yourself is key in defining how you approach your goal setting and breaking expectations.


Linked to goals self-image are expectations. Set your expectations too high and you feel the force of failure, set them too low you may be prone to being comfortable with mediocrity. And also if you believe in other people’s expectations of you, you may have to revert back to the self-image section.

What most people require are assurances. That if I run 10k every day and eat a balanced diet I will get healthier. True to a point. But it depends on your age, weight and whether you are prone to weaknesses you may not be aware of. Being able to break down glucose for example.

So to keep those assurances intact make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes, goal setting may not be the best method for you. If you’re just looking to improve your general health and wellbeing or enjoy the social elements of attending a gym, swimming or running then focus simply on eating less and moving more.

Ignore the scales, focus on you!

Remember, weight doesn’t mean a lot. Those scales could remain the same or even increase if you lose fat but put on muscle.

Instead, think about how you’re feeling. Are you feeling happier and sleeping better at night? Do you feel more positive about your body? Are you stronger than before? Can you run a bit further or a bit faster? Has your activity yesterday, improved how you feel today?

If all the answers to all that, are a resounding positive “Yes!”, then you know it’s working.

If you’d like more detailed information about the mind game that is, health and fitness, come and see us today. Our free body transformation trial will be able to get you on the right track.

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