How to do a proper press up with a bad back

Experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives.[1] This can range in severity and longevity, but if you’re suffering from back injuries you need to take steps with your fitness routine to ensure you don’t make the problem worse. In this quick [...]

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If you are tired and frustrated you should eat this

Tired All the Time? Let's face it, tiredness sucks. Sometimes we turn to food to give us the extra power to get through the day. The problem is that when you're tired or frustrated you're at a higher risk of making bad food choices. Ultimately, choosing the wrong food to eat when you are tired [...]

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Protein Supplement blog

Protein supplement are everywhere nowadays with big high street stores such as Tesco’s and Superdrug selling a number of brands each offering a similar product designed to help you reach various goals i.e. muscle gain or fat loss. The Science: Protein is referred to as the building blocks of the body (found in all [...]

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5 Proven ways to help post exercise muscle soreness

What is the pain that I feeling after exercise and what can I do to help get rid of it? DOMs (delayed on set muscle soreness) is the pain that we feel after exercise usually 24-72hr after exercise. It is the result of micro trauma to the muscle fibre as a result of exercise. [...]

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6 warmups you should be doing before playing golf

It might strike many as a low intensity sport, but playing a round of golf can burn over 1000 calories and require hundreds of swings of a gold club (depending on how good you are) Each swing incorporates such a large quantity of muscles & joints and specific control of them is what makes [...]

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What to eat AFTER running a marathon (oh yes it’s important)

As much as pre-marathon diet is key, post marathon nutrition is just as important.  Following any exercise, specifically a marathon, your body will be depleted of energy and stores will need to be replenished. Stick with the post run 30-minute rule, eat and drink carbohydrates, proteins and electrolytes within 30 minutes of exercise to help [...]

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The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep

During training, your muscles, tendons and ligaments (connective tissue) are stretched and torn. Ligaments, bones and cartilage withstand trauma and forces up to eight times your bodyweight.  The aerobic and anaerobic energy systems supply a consistent source of fuel to the brain, muscles and organs. The end result of this tremendous stress and strain on [...]

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Abs of steel to Abs of Pudding!

At the time of writing, I am 29 years old, I’ve just “enjoyed” a binge-o-rific Christmas and my 30th Birthday is coming up in a few weeks. At the beginning of 2016 – my head was in the game. I had a Barbados holiday booked for July and I was switched on, dedicated and determined [...]

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