How a proper posture can make you perform better

Compared to exercising or eating right, maintaining correct posture doesn’t tend to get quite as much publicity in the world of health and wellbeing. However, it can have just as much influence on your fitness as other, more celebrated, elements. Keeping correct posture in all aspects of your life, including during exercise, means that all [...]

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The fit8 experience: A Global body approach

Find out how the global body approach can help you   When it comes to fitness in all its forms, whether it’s about getting in shape, recovering from injury or training for a specific event, it’s always about more than just one area of your body. At fit8 we believe in a Global Body [...]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of getting fit with Injury

At Fit8 our team have a great deal of experience when it comes to fitness recovery. We’ve worked with everything from minor injury rehabilitation to teaching clients how to stay fit when injured more permanently. As a quick overview, we’ve put together a list of some basic dos and don’ts you should stick to when [...]

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At what cost does fitness come?

Right, let’s talk about money. When it comes to the price of getting fit, people can be put off by the monthly bill. Fees for monthly gym memberships, physiotherapy sessions or injury rehabilitation, personal training and nutritionist consultations soon add up. At Fit8 we want to offer a more cost-effective solution to all of your [...]

Is reformer pilates the best way to keep moving through injury?

If your fitness has been affected by an injury you might be looking for ways to keep moving during your recovery. Reformer pilates can be the perfect exercise to help keep your fitness levels up without risking further harm. If you’re looking for the best exercise for bad back, neck or other joint problems then [...]

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How to kick bad habits when you are injured

If your training is interrupted by injury, it can be all too easy to let it get you down. Either by continuing your training, risking further injury, or to let the hopelessness take over and give up completely. At Fit8 we’ve helped our members deal with, and overcome, a range of injuries - as well [...]

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