How to overcome the mind game of fitness

When you’re thinking about how to stay healthy, one major factor to consider is how to maintain a healthy mindset. Keeping a positive relationship with exercise, food and wellbeing is key to setting yourself up for fitness success. Your mindset needn’t be too complicated or overly analytical as losing weight or leading an active lifestyle [...]

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What is the best sport to do in South West London today?

Joining a gym and regularly working with a personal trainer is a great way to stay in shape and to stay in control of your fitness. However, it’s not the only route to take. A great way to keep fit is by joining up to some friendly sports clubs in your area. Plus, you benefit [...]

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The fit8 experience: A Global body approach

Find out how the global body approach can help you   When it comes to fitness in all its forms, whether it’s about getting in shape, recovering from injury or training for a specific event, it’s always about more than just one area of your body. At fit8 we believe in a Global Body [...]

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6 Foam rolling exercises to keep the doctor away

The foam roller is a fantastic tool. You can pick up a good quality roller for £25 - £40 and, armed with a few basic instructions, you'll be able to provide your body with the care it needs to keep injuries at bay and greatly aid your recovery. Massaging muscles with a roller improves circulation, making [...]

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Celebration of our Superhuman GB Paralympic Athletes in Rio 2016 Tonight sees the start of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and as far as physical training and rehabilitation goes, these athletes are second to none in showing just what the human body is capable of! The level of training, determination and courage required to compete [...]

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