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How to overcome the mind game of fitness

When you’re thinking about how to stay healthy, one major factor to consider is how to maintain a healthy mindset. Keeping a positive relationship with exercise, food and wellbeing is key to setting yourself up for fitness success. Your mindset needn’t be too complicated or overly analytical as losing weight or leading an active lifestyle [...]

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Big tips for Big Arms

For plenty of our clients, one of their fitness goals is to have bigger arms. We believe that with the right knowledge and training regime, this can be achieved by anyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness background. First things first, diet. The wrong diet will make building muscle very difficult, if not impossible. Follow [...]

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The fit8 experience: A Global body approach

Find out how the global body approach can help you   When it comes to fitness in all its forms, whether it’s about getting in shape, recovering from injury or training for a specific event, it’s always about more than just one area of your body. At fit8 we believe in a Global Body [...]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of getting fit with Injury

At Fit8 our team have a great deal of experience when it comes to fitness recovery. We’ve worked with everything from minor injury rehabilitation to teaching clients how to stay fit when injured more permanently. As a quick overview, we’ve put together a list of some basic dos and don’ts you should stick to when [...]

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At what cost does fitness come?

Right, let’s talk about money. When it comes to the price of getting fit, people can be put off by the monthly bill. Fees for monthly gym memberships, physiotherapy sessions or injury rehabilitation, personal training and nutritionist consultations soon add up. At Fit8 we want to offer a more cost-effective solution to all of your [...]

If you are tired and frustrated you should eat this

Tired All the Time? Let's face it, tiredness sucks. Sometimes we turn to food to give us the extra power to get through the day. The problem is that when you're tired or frustrated you're at a higher risk of making bad food choices. Ultimately, choosing the wrong food to eat when you are tired [...]

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