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fit8 rehabilit8 goes way beyond traditional physiotherapy, gym and personal training

functional intelligent therapy

Revolutionising the industry’s approach physical health and fitness by providing personal training as part of injury management, rehabilitation and prescriptive exercise programmes. fit8 delivers a truly personal affordable, effective and progressive system that brings quantifiable benefits to our members

The system is directed by our lead sports injury and rehabilitation practitioner with the support of a team of therapists and fitness professionals for the care, protection, maintenance and restoration of our members physical health and functionality

Providing diagnosis, manual therapy, progressive rehabilitation and prescriptive exercise treating clients suffering, recovering from or living with sports injury, back and neck pain, pre and post-op conditions, degenerative and neurological conditions. Our approach is proactive rather than reactive

specialising in

Sports specific rehabilitation, sports performance, postural and gait analysis, injury prevention, biomechanical assessments, acute and chronic pain management, arthritic conditions, weight and obesity management, general physical health and functionality

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